Packing Advanced Moving Systems professional packing service offers you convenience, ease, safety and free time to take care of countless details connected with parting from community, job and friends. You can realize great savings in the cost of packing and save yourself time and effort at destination, by planning and organizing in advance. Here are some simple steps to follow:

a. Sort out those items you have been meaning to get rid of and get rid of them! 

b. Items that should not go in the van include cash, jewelry, furs, important papers and other valuables.

c. Think about the things you want to be packed together. If you know the layout of your new home, organize your possessions so that the cartons can be labeled according to the room in which they will be placed at destination. If you do not have this advantage, see that the cartons are labeled according to contents and the room in which they were packed. 

d. Be sure to dispose of any items of a hazardous nature such as cleaners, solvents, paint, aerosol cans and ammunition. These items can not be moved!
Your Advanced Moving System Professional Packer is trained to assist you in the proper organization of the packing effort. There are some items you might choose to pack yourself. Advanced Moving Systems can provide the right materials and the know how to use them. The following is a list and description of the materials needed to protect your possessions:

1. Book Carton (1.5 Cu. ft.)— A small, easy to handle carton designed for heavy items such as books and records. Care must be taken so that the box does not become too heavy for handling. Extremely old or valuable books should be individually wrapped.

2. Medium Carton (3 cu. ft.)—This utility box has a wide range of uses for smaller items throughout the home. It is ideal for small appliances, tools, nonperishable food or clothing. Packing similar articles together will make unpacking easier.

3 & 4 Large Cartons (4.5 to 6.5 cu. ft.) — Useful for lighter weight, bulky items such as linens, pillows and large toys. 

5. Dishpack — An especially sturdy carton for fragile items including china, glassware, figurines and sculptures. This carton is often reinforced with cellular inserts to further protect such things as crystal stemware. All pieces of china and glassware must be individually wrapped in unprinted paper and properly secured with additional paper padding. Dishes should be positioned on end to lessen the chance for breakage. Each carton should be labeled Fragile This End Up.”

6. Upright Carton — Typically used for lamps, statuary and other items that require a special size.

7. Wardrobe — A portable closet. Clothes remain on hangers to stay free of dirt and minimize wrinkles. 

8. Mirror/Picture Cartons — Telescoping cartons fit each mirror, picture or glass table top exactly. Heavy corrugated braces reinforce each corner. 

9. Mattress Cartons — Available from crib through king mattress sizes. They protect mattresses and box springs from dirt and tearing, and help provide structural support to avoid bending. 

10. Packing Paper — Only clean unprinted paper is used for wrapping, and padding. Use Advanced Moving System professional materials if you decide to do some of the packing yourself. Your Advanced Moving System representative will arrange for you to obtain the materials you need. Treat yourself to Advanced Moving Systems Professional Packing and relax with the knowledge that packing will be accomplished with speed and safety.

Free your time for your friends and family.